Steven’s festival BBQ-style choccie

By Lauren Hermon

Whether it’s chocolate, beer or barbecues, the city will get a taste of each as the Adelaide Beer & BBQ kicks off tonight.

And for those with an ‘adventurous’ palate, South Australian chocolatier Steven ter Horst will combine all three in his latest dessert creations.

While it may be an odd combo for some, Steven has been collaborating with the Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival on a couple of ‘BBQ-style’ chocolate dessert concepts.

“I approached the organisers to have a play with some concepts to do with beer and BBQ, including creating a chocolate chilli spice mix with strips of bacon that can be dipped into it,” Steven says.

“We’re using smoked pancetta and will be cooking that off until it’s super crisp. Chocolate and bacon are best friends, believe it or not,” he laughs.

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The bacon chocolate spice mix is inspired by Steven’s rich and thick European hot chocolate with Aztec chilli spices, which is a signature favourite at his Rundle Street shop.

Steven will also team up with Fox Hat Brewing to create what he describes as a “cross between brownies and teacakes” – but with a twist.

“We’re known for our signature salted caramel, so we’re changing it up a bit for the festival by putting a dark ale through it to make it more of a sauce,” he says.

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Steven’s chocolate tea cake with salted caramel dark ale sauce

It’s the first time Steven will take part in the festival, which showcases the best of South Australian, interstate and international beer and cider, including some of the State’s best restaurants and world’s most well-known barbecue chefs.

“I don’t think anyone has ever brought anything sweet and salty to the festival before… that salty richness with chocolate always goes together really well.”

The Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival will again host the Royal Adelaide Beer & Cider Awards tonight. View the full list of award winners here.

The Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival starts today and runs until Sunday (July 10).