Playlist: 19 local tracks to listen to now

By Lana Guineay

It’s a proven fact that music makes everything better, so we teamed up with Fresh 92.7 to unearth new tunes by local artists for the soundtrack to two upcoming I Choose SA episodes of South Aussie with Cosi.

We asked SA artists to submit their tracks to be featured, and the response was massive. With more than 250 entries to choose from (and desk dance to), it was a hard task to narrow it down. But here they are – the 19 winners. From slick EDM, to indie-folk, hip-hop to big band, it’s a diverse mix of local talent to get your week started.

Turn up the volume, put on your dancing pants (optional), and press play:

Vella – Full Crate
Fresh til death – Make up your mind 
Sharni Stewart – Pretty Damn Perfect
Ben Ford-Davies – Storm
Nakatomi – Alive
The Byzantines – Lotus
Aletro – What’s Wrong With Me?
We See Three – For You
Hartway – Beyond (feat. Lesley Williams) 
Andre Joshua – Runaway Love – (Lewis Lane Remix) 
Mio – Running
Antigen – For You 
Yush –  Flamingo ft. Spiraffe
After Change –  Gameplayer
Sarah Lloyde – Luv Fool
HYRS – Inside Upside Down
Enuf Said – 10 more minutes
Eskatology – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Ash Gale – Sing My Way

The I Choose SA episodes of South Aussie with Cosi are screening on May 5 and May 21 on Channel 9.

Visit I Choose SA to find out how you can support our State by choosing South Australian businesses, products and services.