Picture perfect from land, sea to you and me

By Lauren Hermon

For the next few months, it’s just the land, sea, you and South Australian photographer, Che Chorley.

Combining his rush for adrenaline with a love for capturing picture perfect moments, Che (pictured in headline image) will start a six-month solo adventure in his Land Sea You Me project, capturing South Australia’s entire coastline from the seat of his bicycle from July.

“I wanted to bring together all of the things I love: photography, my love for South Australia, the ocean, and meeting new people who are either doing it tough out west or having a good time along the coast,” he says.

Che, whose Land Sea You Me project may cost up to $55,000, has just been awarded $5,000 through Arts South Australia‘s newest cultural grants program, ArtsPitch.

Blog508px -che land

Che brings together his love for photography and South Australia

The Moana Beach-based photographer, who has just packed up his photography studio at The Mill on Angas Street before “hitting the road”, is no stranger to adventure.

“I’ve kayaked the entire Murray River with my best mate which took us about two months, and I’ve also cycled around Tasmania in about one month,” Che says.

Now with his lens focused a little closer to home, Che is ready for a life-changing experience, which will be documented in an exhibition next year, as well as a photo book and written journal.

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Capturing seascapes is one of Che’s favourite things

Che will pack his photographic and camping gear in a trailer attached to his pushbike and capture land and seascapes, animals in the ocean, and people he meets during his South Australian coastline project.

“I have a small tent on the back of my bike which I’ll pitch every night and dismantle every morning before riding a little further until I find the right light to capture the best photos,” he says.

For Che, “doing something a bit different” is when beautiful things happen.

“People open up… they’re happy to help; some even make me lunch,” Che laughs. “You really see the best in people when you do something like this,” he adds.

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Che will photograph people he meets during his coastal journey

Another person “happy to help” is Che’s wife, who will meet up with him once a fortnight to supply him with anything he may need for his journey.

Whether on solid ground or floating still in the middle of the deep blue ocean, Che says he’s most looking forward to photographing South Australia’s national and marine parks.

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Land Sea You Me is also a solo journey for Che who will reflect on his art

“It’s about spending six months away from the commercial world. I want to stop and spend time on my art and personal work,” he says.

“I absolutely love this beautiful State, so it’s also about meeting resilient South Australians and to prove it’s possible to make a living out of something you love and then bring it all together.

“I’m trying to create a coherent narrative of South Australia through my eyes as an artist. It’s exciting and a little bit intimidating… but I’m ready,” he laughs.

Che hopes to be back home with his wife and 20-month-year-old daughter before Christmas.

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