On the twelfth day of Christmas… Amanda McInerney gave to us

Her Raspberry and White Chocolate Trifle recipe 


Based on your votes Amanda McInerney is the winner of our ‘favourite festive South Australian recipe’ competition.  Re-create Amanda’s beautiful recipe this Christmas.



  • 500 mls cranberry juice
  • 150 -200 gms fresh raspberries
  • 5 gold gelatine sheets


  • 250 mls milk
  • 250 mls cream
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 1/2 cup caster sugar
  • 1 Tbs cornflour
  • 150 gms white chocolate, grated


  • 1 pk mini jam rolls
  • 150 gms raspberries
  • 50 mls Cointreau
  • 250 mls whipped cream
  • Orange flower water
  • 50 gms toasted, flaked almonds



  • Place gelatine leaves in cold water for 2 minutes, then squeeze excess water out. Stir them into hot (not boiling) juice until dissolved
  • Place raspberries in a single layer in a shallow dish and gently pour the jelly mixture over. Chill until set


  • Mix cornflour to a thin paste with a small amount of cold milk. Combine all ingredients, add cornflour paste and whisk to mix thoroughly
  • Cook over medium heat, stirring continuously, until custard thickens and will coat the back of a spoon
  • Reduce heat, add chocolate and continue stirring until it is completely melted
  • Pour custard into bowl and cover with plastic wrap, allowing the film to rest on the surface of the custard – this will prevent it forming a skin. Refrigerate until cold.


  • Break jelly up into pieces, each containing a raspberry and place in a layer in bottom of serving bowl.
    Slice jam rolls, line side of bowl with slices and layer over the jelly. Sprinkle liberally with the Cointreau
  • Cover with a layer of fresh raspberries, then a layer of the cooled white chocolate custard. Chill overnight, or for several hours at least
  • Just before serving add a few drops of orange flower water to the whipped cream and mix well, Cover the custard with the cream, decorate with fresh raspberries and toasted flaked almon