No hidden agenda at new late-night supper club

By Lauren Hermon

Despite the name, there’s certainly no hidden agenda when it comes to Adelaide’s newest restaurant and bar.

The Propaganda Club, a new basement venue in Regent Arcade labelled as “the city’s only late night supper club”, opens today (June 10).

Owner Petar Belosevic says opening a restaurant bar which serves food until 6am is something Adelaide “needs”.

“My inspiration came from seeing how many venues were actually supper clubs in Melbourne and Sydney,” says Petar, who also owns Currie Street nightclub, Zhivago.

“There needs to be more good quality food offerings after 10pm in the city,” he adds.

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Propaganda Club owners, Petar Belosevic and wife Wendy (Source: Jessica Clark)

A supper club is traditionally a venue that offers late night food and beverage service in a lounge and forming dining setting.

Adelaide-born James Lawrie, who is the club’s executive chef, plays a leading role in the late night food service, which comes from largely South Australian sourced produce and ingredients.

James has 12 years experience at several Adelaide restaurants and other venues, including Hill of Grace, Adelaide Town Hall, Adelaide Oval Audi Stadium Club and Windy Point Restaurant.


A taste of food the Propaganda Club has to offer

But the food and wine served at The Propaganda Club aren’t the only things uniquely South Australian.

“All of the tradesmanship, construction and furniture was done by South Australian companies; there was no out-sourcing of labour… everything from the textured walls to the flooring,” Petar says.

The venue’s decor has an “old-worldly feel” with architectural windows, “distressed” antique mirrors and reclaimed parquetry flooring throughout.

The Propaganda Club has three main areas, the Manhattan Room, the Soho Lounge (featured in main headline image) and the Sidecar Bars, which are individual hole in the wall bars located in the main corridor of the venue linking the other rooms.

Blog508px - manhattan room

The Manhattan Room

From South Australia to the rest of the world, Petar hopes it’ll be a venue which leaves a “world-class legacy”.

“We really aim to create a venue which represents South Australian class to the rest of the world. While we have a big State focus, we’re also going for an interstate and international audience to help bring in tourism,” he says.

The Propaganda Club is at 110 Grenfell Street, Regent Arcade.