Business Sustainability Management

What is business sustainability management?
It is managing the business in a way that it can get income, the people will benefit and the environment will prosper. Yes, the mission is for all three to benefit in the future. It is certainly a lot easier said than done but a lot of things need to be achieved for it to get done. It is a great feeling to not only care for the future of the business but for the environment too. Besides, it would be a splendid idea to preserve all the natural resources we have before they disappear in the future.

How do you manage a sustainable organization?
They implement a set of rules so that the employees would know what to do. Of course, a lot of thought needs to be given to the rules that will be implemented. It is expected some would not want to follow them so the punishment should be stated to those who don’t wish to follow. One good example would be the last person who leaves the office should switch off all the lights. If that person fails to do that, he or she will be fined for it.

What is a sustainable business strategy?
It is the implementation of environmental activities to a company’s strategic business plan. One good example would be to organize a beach cleanup at a time when everyone is free. The more people participate in this activity, the more effective it is going to be and the more dirt that will be cleaned up. It is pretty obvious some beachgoers don’t mind about the cleanliness of the environment.

What is sustainability in strategic management?
It is the conservation of natural resources for the company to contribute to the environment’s future. For example, it is required for employees to always turn off the faucet after they use it. If they forget to do that, they will get a huge fine. Because of the fine, they will certainly not forget to turn off the faucet. Besides, it is not going to take long. Even if it does, the important thing is the task gets accomplished. Besides, everyone loses a few calories in the process too and it is for a good cause. Future beach-goers will appreciate the fact that there is less trash. Also, the sea animals won’t accidentally swallow plastic that was thrown there by stubborn people.