5 great Adelaide walking trails to explore this spring

By Paul Bidmeade 

Spring has sprung, the flowers are blossoming, the birds are singing and the Adelaide sun is inviting walkers outside.

Adelaide is the walking city, where a new path leads to the next adventure.

Here are five must see walking trails in and around Adelaide.

Marion Coastal Walking Trail

Inside52-850px-Coastal Walking Trail 7

Located 18 km south of the city, the Marino to Hallet Cove board walk is a breathtaking experience.

Home to some of the world’s oldest geological formations, the 7.2 km journey showcases the 600 million year old Precambrian rock folds. It’s one of Australia’s most significant archaeological sites, which reveals the full effects of an Ice Age 280 million years ago.

With the stunning St Vincent Gulf coastline as a backdrop, this boardwalk is the perfect place to gain some much needed fresh air.

Like the Lockets of Love Bridge in Paris, lovers can lock away their love and hang it proudly on the fence along the track.

The green valleys, the rugged eroded cliff faces and a fiery red sunset, provide a sense of wonderment.

Morialta Falls


Located 10 km north-east of the city, Morialta Falls is a reminder that a great bush escape is closer than you think.

A heavy flow of water along the First Falls has created a rainbow that shines against the algae covered rocks.

As koalas nestle among the gum trees, the park boasts the best views of the city.

Frogs leap from the creeks and kangaroos hop across various picnic spots, making this park an interactive experience.

Open 8.30pm to 4pm, the conservation park has four walking trails.

The First Falls Plateau Hike (1.5km return) the First Falls Valley walk (1.6km return), the Second Falls Gorge Hike (5.3km return) and the Three Falls Grand Hike (7.3km return) cater for a variety of fitness levels.

Mount Lofty Botanical Gardens


Picnic  Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens

Located 15km east of the city, the Mount Lofty Botanical Gardens is home to 100 hectares of pristine gardens.

When stepping out to explore Mount Lofty Botanical Gardens there’s no need for rose coloured glasses.

Winding through natural scrub lays plants from every continent.

It’s hard not to feel optimistic about life when watching swans gently make ripples in the lake, as fallen birch leaves line the path.

River Torrens City Loop

Couple riding along the River Torrens

When Colonel William Light set his sights on designing the city of Adelaide, he fell in love with the River Torrens and surrounding parklands, and for good reason.

The River Torrens city loop is a clash of two worlds. The peaceful banks of the Torrens are where pelicans, swans and ducks frolic among a vibrant city of sport lovers, marching along the footbridge towards Adelaide Oval.

The 3.8km city loop is a must do to really encapsulate the essence of Adelaide.

This walk is a testament to Adelaide’s laid-back vibe. However, be careful of the pelicans during lunch-time, as they have been known to steal a few sandwiches.

River Torrens Linear loop



Located 15 km west of the city, the River Torrens Linear loop is where the Torrens River meets the sea.

The lush green parklands are home to many horses and provide a quiet escape from the nearby Tapleys Hill road. For West Beach residents this path, which leads all the way to the city is a wonderful cycling track and a great alternative route to work.

These are some of the best walking trails north, south, east and west of the city.

With spring upon us, it’s the perfect time to explore the inspiring paths of Adelaide.